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Creating a routine is important but following it on regular basis is the key. 90/90/1 rule can help you build a productive routine in a good way.

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It is necessary to have goals in life to keep going without losing hope and a kick in life. Otherwise, you won’t have any kick to keep going, and life will become mundane. So, it is time to apply the 90/90/1 rule now. You might be thinking that what is What is the 90/90/1 rule? Not everyone knows about this genius invention of Robin Sharma, who just wanted to keep his life on track.

If you have goals, then you need to work towards them, and for that, you will require focus, determination, and, first of role, an achievable goal. You still might not have any idea about What is the 90/90/1 rule?

Simply put, you will give 90 minutes of your start when you start it for a single task for the next 90 days. You might have got a little about What is the 90/90/1 rule now. This rule helps you keep on track for the next 90 days if you consider it.

What is the 90/90/1 rule?

If you are still confused that What is the 90/90/1 rule, then it is a rule that you work on a specific task for 90 minutes for the next 90 days. You should get distracted by anything while working on a specific task, and you must start your day with it. Yes, before you do anything else, even sitting in your office, you need to devote 90 minutes to a specific task.

It would be more like a routine you must follow if you are willing to achieve a goal you have set for yourself. It is not about working in an office only. If you have any specific goal that you haven’t been able to achieve yet, then it is time to get things aligned now. You might have understood What the 90/90/1 rule is, and now it is time to implement it in your life for the next 90 days.

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How to execute the 90/90/1 rule?

If you want to work kick-start any project, then you must stay on track and learn some basic skills of project management. Without project management, you won’t be able to complete your project on time. 90/90/1 rule is a very basic aspect of project management that keeps you on track. Here are a few steps that will help you to execute the rule in your life:

·  Think of your best opportunity

What do you want to do? Have you found something that looks like an opportunity, or are you still hunting for one now? The number one rule of applying the 90/90/1 rule in your life is to find a purpose and set a higher goal for yourself, or you need to keep looking for a better opportunity, and the rule will keep you on track.

You can only apply this rule when you have something specific towards you want to work at the moment. So, find that purpose. You can only jump to the next step by implementing the 90/90/1 rule into your routine.

·  90 minutes for the next 90 days

What is the 90/90/1 rule? This means 90 minutes for the next 90 days, and you will do the same work without focusing on other thoughts. No matter what is cooking in your mind related to the goal that you want to achieve. All you need is a goal to work hard to achieve by applying the 90/90/1 rule. Now it is time to give 90 minutes for the next 90 days to a single specific task.

It is necessary that you give 90 minutes before you start your task in the morning when you will have your 100% energy. So, it will get easier to give all your focus to a specific task.

·  Don’t get distracted

While working on a specific task, you shouldn’t get distracted by any other thought or task. You can even isolate yourself from the outer world for 90 minutes for 90 days so you don’t lose focus. It is important that you must not forget that working on a specific task requires 100% focus.

·  Track your progress so far

Do you think that you are wasting your time because you cannot focus on a specific task for a long time? This is where 90/90/1 comes to the rescue, as you can use Gantt charts to analyze your everyday success. You can start your 90/90/1 task every day, and once you are done with it, you can mention it in your Gantt charts.

With Gantt charts, you can analyze your everyday success % in working on a certain task. This will keep you on track if you keep following the 90/90/1 rule.

Benefits of the 90/90/1 rule

You know about What is the 90/90/1 rule and how you can execute it for your benefit. You might still be thinking that even if this rule will help you in any beneficial way in the long term. Here are a few very common benefits that you will surely have if you keep following the rule and doesn’t lose interest in it:

·  You get more productive

If you haven’t been able to focus before, then with the 90/90/1 rule, you will gain more focus. You don’t get distracted easily if you are applying this rule and you keep focusing on a single task. For the next 90 days, you will give a specific task one and a half hours.

At the start of your when you are fresh and energetic, it will be your cue that it is time to get started with the 90/90/1 rule. You think about all the possibilities that will help you achieve the goal and it is only possible when you are fresh and energetic. So, it is better to stick to the 90/90/1 rule routine to make a habit out of it.

·  Works hard to achieve a goal

You know you can work hard and have something specific in your mind now. This is when you start working on it by using the 90/90/1 rule strategy. The goal doesn’t have to be related to your work; even if you do something linked to your personal life or health, it is time to achieve it.

Do you want to succeed in achieving any goal, whether it is linked to your financial success or personal growth? The 90/90/1 rule is a way to get success in life if you keep implementing it in your daily life routine.

·  No distraction, only focus

The 90/90/1 rule is about cutting distractions out of your life for 90 minutes for 90 days to get more focused. When you are focused, you work better because your brain will work better. So you get more focused when you apply the 90/90/1 rule and start getting serious about achieving goals.

·  An important aspect of project management

If you have any project to deal with and are the project manager, then you would certainly want to master the skill of project management. 90/90/1 rule is an important aspect of this skill because it will also keep you and everyone on your team on track. You and your employee can apply this rule, and you will notice that within no time, you can complete your tasks conveniently and within a short period.

Can you use the 90/90/1 rule in your daily life routine?

Now that you have understood What is the 90/90/1 rule from the above discussion then, you might think, is it for project management using Gantt charts, or can you apply this rule to your daily life?

It is not compulsory that you can apply the rule only if you have any business goal. It applies to every goal and task that you have in mind at the moment. Do you want to lose those extra kilos that affect your confident personality?

You can start with the morning jog but for how long? How about you apply the 90/90/1 rule and keep jogging for 90 minutes for 90 days straight without losing hope, energy, and speed? You will certainly shed a good amount of fat only if you follow this and your other diet.

The type of goal doesn't matter, but what matters is that you don't lose hope when you start using the 90/901 rule to achieve it. You just have to stick to it and don’t lose your hope. This rule will keep you on track for 90 days, and you shouldn’t do anything else while you are focused on a single task.

Final Words:

Now you know What is the 90/90/1 rule and you have read the steps that will help you implement this rule in your life. It will surely benefit you in different phases of your life. You must keep on track if you are willing to achieve something that no one else can imagine and you know. It is only possible when you know your goals and how to reach them at the right time.

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