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Tasks & Subtasks

Create and organize tasks and subtasks to break down projects into actionable steps. Simply click the "+ Add task" button to get started and detail extra steps within each task with subtasks.

Customize Task Colors

Color-code your tasks within your Gantt Chart for quick comprehension. Use the default Blue-Red-Green scheme (for on-time, overdue and completed task states), or customize it to your needs with more than a dozen options.

Drag & Drop Task Scheduling

Adjust task timelines using intuitive drag and drop functionality or by editing date fields. Keep your project on track with real-time updates and flexible scheduling options.

Add Sections for Project Stages

Organize projects into clear stages with Sections. Divide work into manageable parts, track progress, and adapt project structure as needed. Customize sections to fit your workflow.

Bulk Actions With Multiple Selection

Select and manage multiple tasks at once. Perform bulk actions like assigning tasks, setting dates, and adjusting hours with just a few clicks.

Assign Tasks for Better Collaboration

Keep your team informed and engaged by assigning tasks directly within Instagantt.

Filtering & Sorting

Customize your Gantt Chart view with filtering and sorting options. Quickly locate specific tasks based on various criteria, including start and due dates, assignees, estimated hours, and progress status.

Manage Priority & Risks Levels in Your Projects

Designate task priority and risk levels from 1 to 5, ensuring critical tasks receive the attention they deserve.

Task Progress

Keep stakeholders informed of project progress with real-time updates on task completion. Update progress with a few clicks or by entering completion percentages directly. Celebrate milestones by marking tasks as completed.

We tried several other softwares but they were too complicated. Required watching many videos, had many features we didn't need. And also didn't have the features we were looking for: color coding, easy to group and copy tasks, easy to change views of which level of tasks show up on the chart. And were more expensive. Instagantt is exactly what we needed! 
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A task management system designed to stop struggling. And to be intuitive. Do more in less time.

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A task management system designed to stop struggling. And to be intuitive. Do more in less time.

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A task management system designed to stop struggling. And to be intuitive. Do more in less time.

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Instagantt helps people work together easily. So they can reach their goals faster.

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Reporting & Data Exports

Allows you to schedule or adjust tasks just by dragging the task bar in the chart, very simple and intuitive!

Data Import

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