Project Management Features

Keep track of your projects inside Instagantt with our project management features.

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Estimated Hours

Prevent unrealistic scheduling and utilize historical data for future project planning. By assigning Estimated Hours, you ensure accurate workload distribution and realistic task completion timelines.


Define order of tasks and maintain synchronization across your project. Create, edit, and visualize task dependencies to ensure smooth project progression and timely delivery.

Critical Path

Highlight the chain of tasks that directly impact project deadlines. Identify critical tasks to prioritize resources and efforts effectively, mitigating potential delays and optimizing project success.


Keep track of project changes and compare Timelines with Baselines. Capture snapshots of your Gantt chart's current state and load them for comparison. Identify deviations from the original schedule and analyze project evolution over time.

Minimap Navigation

Navigate through large projects with the Minimap. Stay oriented within your project timeline and quickly locate specific sections. Improve productivity by moving across your project's timeline, even in extensive project structures.

Custom Fields

Create, organize, and display specific project data tailored to your team's needs. Track various metrics, statuses, and attributes across tasks and projects, empowering better decision-making and project management.

Users Time Off

Manage team availability and project scheduling. Block out periods for team members' vacations or time off directly on your project timeline. Ensure accurate resource planning and minimize potential project delays by accounting for team availability.

Custom Workdays

Define specific working days tailored to your organization's schedule. Optimize resource allocation and project planning by considering actual working days for task completion and progress tracking.

Before Instagantt I was using Google Sheets to build schedules. I was tired of trying to build my own gantt chart with dependencies and a real-time link between the list of events and the timeline. Instagantt automates those tasks and makes scheduling much simpler.
Founding Principal
Instagantt is a Top-rated Gantt Chart software by leading business software review platforms

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Project Views

A task management system designed to stop struggling. And to be intuitive. Do more in less time.

Project Organizing

A task management system designed to stop struggling. And to be intuitive. Do more in less time.

Task Management

A task management system designed to stop struggling. And to be intuitive. Do more in less time.

Project Management

The exact amount of features to make project management simple. No more, no less.


Instagantt helps people work together easily. So they can reach their goals faster.

Time Savers

Features to save your time (and your team's).

Reporting & Data Exports

Allows you to schedule or adjust tasks just by dragging the task bar in the chart, very simple and intuitive!

Data Import

Already had some projects you need to keep working on? Instagantt makes it easy to reduce setup.