Top 20 SaaS Software Everyone Must Use in 2024

The Internet has changed things a lot, and one of the biggest benefits of the Internet is Software as a Service. It allows anyone to use high-performing platforms without needing the hardware to run them.

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With growing technologies, the requirements are also growing, and businesses are expected to improve their services. When it comes to software, an appropriate backend is required to run them to meet modern-day requirements. While large companies can manage the backend hardware and support team, small teams face huge cost problems.

So, using SaaS makes things easier since it provides software to users as a service. It means that the service provider will manage the backend, IT, and support for you while you enjoy all the software features. It is a primary tier of cloud computing and brings the following benefits:

·   Cost-effectiveness

·   Scalability

·   Accessibility

·   Higher reliability

Along with all these benefits, there is no need to manage anything. The most common applications of SaaS include CRMS, CMSs, ERPs, and Project management tools.

20 SaaS Examples You Need to Know in 2024

Currently, there are a lot of players in the market who provide their SaaS to individuals, teams, and bigger businesses. Here are the top 20 examples you need to know in 2024.

1. Salesforce

Salesforce is a customer relationship management tool that helps small- and large-scale businesses to get information about their potential customers and connect with them by providing a better experience. It brings lead management capabilities for you where you can manage accounts and contacts to create a business pipeline.

Since Salesforce has been on the market for a while, it has a ton of educational materials and integrations around it. You can export your data with the Google Sheets Salesforce connector, set up an audit trail for the actions that were performed in the sandbox, and enhance your experience in dozens of other ways while exploring this solution.


·   Detailed reports with graphics

·   Forecast management

·   Process automation features.

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2. HubSpot

Another CRM software that provides much more than customer relationship management services. It has different add-ons, like a meeting scheduler. So, you can select any service you like and add that feature to your business needs. HubSpot operates worldwide, with its local units available in more than 120 countries for the best performance.


·   Database features

·   Detailed analytics

·   Business operation streamlining with automation

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3. ClickUp

ClickUp is a project management SaaS that allows teams of all scales to create project schedules, share files, and collaborate. Its project management features also bring good scheduling features, and everything is kept on the cloud for the best performance. Since it is hosted in the cloud, it provides real-time syncing and all that comes in the free plan.


·   Full customization

·   Different views

·   Schedule templates

4. Slack

Slack is an enterprise messaging software that brings remote and even on-site teams together. Its cloud-based communication centralizes teams working on a project, allowing them to share progress and align the whole team. It can be used for giving company or team-wise updates.


·   Web and mobile access

·   Integrations

·   Conferencing options

5. Instagantt

Instagantt is a Gantt chart designing Software as a Service where you can break projects into goals, milestones, and tasks and create detailed Gantt charts for efficient project management. It also allows for planning the project schedule with the team and other stakeholders.


·   Task and subtask divisions

·   Deadline management

·   Milestone and task dependency management

6. Buffer

Buffer is a SaaS that manages your social media and gives you insights about the brand, customer engagement, and organic growth of the audience. It is a suite of multiple products that can help businesses improve their marketing strategies for social media platforms.


·   Track your ROI

·   Content and Post automation

·   Progress reporting

7. OpenPhone

A business needs dedicated phone software, and OpenPhone brings that as a service. It brings its phone app that provides users with a different phone number for their business without needing to handle another sim or a phone, so everything happens inside its app.


·   Complete privacy

·   Call logging

·   Integrations

8. Tableau

Tableau is an analytics platform that brings actionable insights for people to transform their practices. Users of all types can use the insights from this tool to take informed decisions for their businesses. Whether you need help regarding internal business decisions or customer relationships, it will provide all types of insights.


·   Tracking ROI

·   Multiple analytics

·   Prediction and simulation

9. Quip

Quip SaaS brings document management capabilities for teams to collaborate or save multiple documents in one centralized place. It not only provides its features online but also brings an offline mode. Additionally, members can use a real-time chatting feature for discussions.


·   Mobile app

·   Document and workflow management

·   Progress tracking

10.  Zapier

Zapier SaaS brings both cloud integration services along with automation features. So, users can automate their workflow among more than 5000 platforms. With Zapier, it takes little to no input from users since it streamlines the workflow.


·   Conditional workflow management.

·   Integrations without code

·   APIs

11.  Apty

Apty is a digital adoption software where enterprises and companies can adopt and optimize multiple business processes. Things like employee hiring, onboarding, compliance, and training can be easily managed here, and it provides all the data as a report for controlling business process quality.


·   Available in multiple languages

·   Surveys and reports

·   Asynchronous learning experience

12.  Deskera

Deskera is a business SaaS that takes care of a business's CRM, HR, and accounting needs. So, small teams that cannot manage multiple employees for each department can benefit from Deskera. It is an award-winning SaaS serving small and medium-sized businesses with high-performing features.


·   Accounting and asset management

·   Inventory and employee management

·   In-depth progress analytics

13.  PickFu

PickFu is a customer research platform that allows individual users and small businesses to get in-depth customer feedback data. So, it can be data-driven instead of guesswork whenever they need to make a business decision. Startups can use this platform to connect with real people and get their opinions for the right insights.


·   Quizzes

·   Polls

·   Market research

14.  Ahrefs

Ahrefs SaaS brings Web and Search Engine Optimization services. It is most trusted for SEO statistics since it has multiple tools that professionals can use to get the right insights and optimize their websites accordingly. It brings a one-stop solution for SEO professionals enriching them with all the data they need.


·   Keyword ranking insights

·   Internal backings and outbound link analyzing

·   Search traffic detection

15.  TimeJam

Teams with many employees need to track their time, and TimeJam is a SaaS that brings a playful touch to employee time tracking. So, not only can management know which employee is performing how well, the whole team’s productivity can be enhanced with everyone focused on the task.


·   Integrations

·   Easy setup

·   Friendly competitions.


16.  TaskClone

It is a productivity-tracking tool that brings a twist to task scheduling. Employees take notes on different apps and schedule their tasks somewhere else. TaskClone synch notes from the note-taking platform and automatically creates actions in the scheduling app. So you can know which task is coming up along with all the information you need for it.


·   Alerts and notifications

·   Integrations

·   Online and offline functioning.

17.  Sprint

Sprinto compliance management SaaS replaces the old-school compliance obtaining methods with technology-enabled options. Hence it makes the process quicker, less input is required, and most importantly, it reduces the chances of errors.


·   Task automation

·   Real-time monitoring

·   Live guidance and training

18.  Databox

Databox is your reporting software that brings all business analytics into a centralized dashboard for easy performance tracking. It brings real-time insights for users so any business decisions can be data-driven instead of guessing the best input. It can even mix and compare data from different platforms and show everything on one dashboard, giving you a complete overview.


·   The user interface elements are customizable

·   Brings drag-and-drop usage

·   Integrations with third-party tools

19.  Planable

Planable is another Social Media Management SaaS offering marketing teams and professionals to get better marketing insights. From process approvals to collaboration, it brings features for everyone, including individuals, teams, agencies, etc.


·   Plan all your social media campaigns with collaboration here

·   Real-time data exchange keeps everyone on the same page

·   Intuitive grid view interface for a better vision of multiple content elements.

20.  UserGuiding

UserGuiding is the SaaS that helps promote products by user onboarding experience. It offers services for everyone with an intuitive interface and easier walkthroughs through the product. So, if you are launching a product and want to make onboarding easy for users, UserGuiding is the right platform, even if you have no experience.


·   No coding required

·   Widgets

·   Launch management

These were our top 20 picks for SaaS examples that everyone must know in 2024.


If your business needs software for any digital requirements, buying backend hardware to host the software is unnecessary. It is because, in this era of the internet, you can use most tools, such as SaaS. It can also be web-based software for a browser and a stable internet connection. While there are many free options, there are some paid ones for which you have to pay a small fee depending on the resources or users.

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