Everything you need to know about Top 12 Fully Remote Jobs

Getting a job is not easy nowadays; however, the opportunities have been increasing lately. For most people, it is difficult to travel long distances to get a job. They also faced the difficulty of transportation and other residential problems at a new place. 

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However, you can go for remote jobs as they are very popular nowadays and everyone is getting into them. This way, you will get a quality job and be able to do it at your comfort level. It will help you save money which otherwise you will be spending on your travel expenses and other accommodation problems. 

How Remote Jobs work?

You can also make a lot of income from remote jobs, which is also a plus point as you are not committed at a specific time being, and you can do it according to your own pace. There are many opportunities that you can get when it comes to remote jobs, but it also deals with the type of skill you have. If you have any specialized kill regarding it and computers, it will be very easy for you to work from home.

If your mind is creative, you can also go for some creative work needed for social media and its nowadays. We know how much people are struggling with getting jobs, so we have compiled the top 12 Fully remote jobs. These job opportunities can be done according to your skill level. Let's have a look at the top 12 fully remote jobs. 

A guide on Top 12 fully remote jobs you can do to earn well:

There are many opportunities when it comes to remote jobs. We have short-listed the top 12 fully remote jobs for you. You can select according to your requirements and qualification level. 

1. Digital marketing

Digital marketing is one of the best remote jobs that you can perform. If you are best at promoting things online, it is called digital marketing. Some products and services are the best. However, people do not know about them due to a lack of digital marketing. 

The advertisements that you see on websites and social media are digital marketing which raises awareness regarding a product. It is one of the best opportunities you can avail of, and it will also help you make a lot of money.

2. Tutoring

Tutoring is also very popular among people, especially when it comes to remote work. Many people are tutoring online, and they earn a lot from it. Nowadays, it is very easy to get connected to your students from any place.

 You can either send video lectures or start communicating with them by using different applications that promote educational learning. If you know how to teach well and you have specialization in a specific subject you should go for this option. 

3. Customer service

Customer care and service are important for every company because they help them gain more customers. You can sign up to provide customer care online to the people and answer their queries. It is one of the easiest ones among the top 12 fully remote jobs. However, you should know about the product thoroughly before applying for customer care. 

4. Translator

Translators are also required often because people from all over the world are using the internet. Their languages that some people cannot speak and understand. The job of a translator is to translate a specific piece of work into a different language so that everyone can easily understand it. There are many job opportunities as translators, and you can easily do them online. 

5. Graphic designing

When it comes to online businesses, nothing is complete without following the images and graphics of the products and services. For this purpose, companies always need graphic designers. If you are good at designing images and pictures, you can apply for this job remotely.

 Graphic designing is very popular on social media, and there are a lot of opportunities you can get. People are always attracted and appealed by images, so you have to keep your work exceptional to stand out among all. 

6. Writer

Content writing is one of the famous and popular jobs nowadays. Many websites and web pages need content for their rankings, and it is also important for Search Engine Optimization. 

There are many opportunities when it comes to content writing, and it is also one of the easiest ones among the top 12 fully remote jobs. 

There is not a specific topic for writing as there are plenty of websites along with different subjects. You can also sign up for being a medical writer if you have the information of medical assistance. Medical writers are often needed for online medical applications and websites that help students in learning. 

7. Sales consultant

The companies need to make plans that can help them increase their sales. The job of a sales consultant is to provide techniques and education to the industries and organizations so that they can apply that to increase their sale and profit values. If you know no how to make strategies for the business is to increase their sales, you can apply for a sales consultant job.

8. Project manager

There are projects designed and handled by the companies, and that cannot be fulfilled without the help of a project manager. It is always important to have someone that can provide direction to the entire team and the project. Project management can be done easily online, and it is also one of the best remote jobs. You can guide the entire team online and help them in managing the project in the best possible way. 

9. Application developer

You must have seen a lot of applications on the Play Store. These applications are developed by people who are best at coding and development.

  • They have made our life easy, and we also have access to a lot of things just with a few clicks. 
  • Applications can be developed by people who have excelled in computer and IT.
  • If you know how to perform coding and other such activities, you can start developing applications at home. 

This way, you will not only be providing ease and comfort to other people but will also on a lot from the applications you have developed. 

10. Software engineer

Software engineering is one of the best careers, and it is also the best option among the top 12 fully remote jobs. 

  • Everything has become online, and nothing can be done without the use of software and technology.
  • It is very easy for software engineers to stay at home and develop software that can help them earn money. 
  • Software’s are always needed by different applications and websites, including the systems on which they are used.

For software engineers, it is very easy to work at home because they only need their laptops and their skills for developing software. You must have heard about some of the richest people who are into software engineering and their earning a huge amount of money. 

11. Technical Support Engineer

In the IT field, it is common to have issues regarding technology and software. Technical Support Engineer has the job of resolving these issues so that everything can run smoothly.

  • If you know how to resolve problems related to the system and technology, it is one of the best remote jobs that you can perform. 
  • People who are from IT can get into this field. However, it is not necessary to have a specific degree.

 You can even apply for a technical support engineer even by having some skill. The companies will contact you to fix their problems regarding the system and other kinds of technology. 

12. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is also becoming very popular, especially on social media. In affiliate marketing, you will have to promote the products and services of a specific company if you have followers on a specific platform. This way, if they purchase any product or services of the company because of your promotion, you will get your share. 

  • This is also one of the best remote jobs, which have a lot of comfort and freedom.
  • You only have to come up with ideas that can influence your followers so that they will purchase the products and services of the companies that you are promoting.

Affiliate marketing can also promote the sales and profit of a company which is why they provide a very good share to the influencer or the people who are into affiliate marketing. You have to keep your social profile very high if you want to get into affiliate marketing. 


It is easy to find remote jobs if you have the proper skill. The top 12 fully remote jobs have been discussed in the given text, which is also the most common remote job. You can choose among the top 12 fully remote jobs according to your skill and requirement level. It will be very profitable and easy for you if you know how to manage time and how to do it accurately within the comfort of your home.

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