Top 10 Great Ways to Lead by Example. Everything You Need to Know About it.

There is a considerable difference between leadership and dictatorship. This is the difference that can make your company successful or bring your company to a downfall. Although most of the higher authority employees are employed to be a leader as their job career desires them to be a leader for the lower-level employees.

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Most of them are not working as leaders while they are sitting in the seat of a leader. They assign impossible tasks and in case of failure, they do not take any type of responsibility. Or they leave whenever they want to but want the employees to stay till the closing time of the office.

This kind of dictatorship behavior can cause a lot of bad things to the company and eventually, this can come to a downfall. The best way of making any company successful is to lead the lower-level employees as they are the biggest asset of any company. But this requires a strong will to lead the team.

Here we will discuss some best action examples that will tell your employees that you are with them and you are their leader. Having a leader will not only make your employees motivated, but they will also perform well under the leadership of a great leader.

What is the meaning of lead by example?

Leading by words or orders is very easy as there you do not have to do anything. But leading by example is what it takes to be a great leader. Here the leader works and sets an example of his works that tell the employees that they are working under the leadership of a sincere person. Here we will discuss the Top 10 Powerful Ways to Lead by Example.

1. Be an effective part of the team.

Being a leader will never mean to only give orders to the employees. This means that you have to do the work too. Sometimes some tasks cannot be handled by the employees all by themselves. In this case, you as a leader must help the employees by helping them in the tasks.

Although sometimes the tasks can be very difficult, the employees will be motivated when they see that you are working with them. This will also provide the sense of “If they can do this, I can do this too” in the employees. This type of thinking can be a game-changer for the company.

2. Take failure as a step towards success.

The person who says that failure is not an option will never be a successful leader. This is a mindset that leads you towards not accepting failure at any terms. However, failure is something that can be positively taken. If it is used efficiently, it can be used as steps for the ladder towards success.

When you are working as a leader, you will have to face failures from your team members at lower and some at higher levels as well. As a leader, you must set an example by taking the positive aspect of that failure for your progress.

As it takes the positive aspect of a negative thing to work for a company’s progress, that is why it is included in our Top 10 Powerful Ways to Lead by Example.

3. There must be no place for lies.

Lies in a company can be about different things and each lie whether it is big or small, it can be very destructive for the progress of the company. Some types of lies in the professional field are listed below.

• Lies related to information.

• Lies related to deadlines.

• Lies related to communication.

To make your team progress, you must set an example of staying away from the lies and tolerating the bitter truths. This will motivate the employees to speak the truth and it will in turn provide you with efficient time to deal with the problems.

4. Nobody breaks the rules.

Although most of the time leaders make rules for the employees, they do not follow themselves. This puts a great negative effect on the minds of the employees. A rule can be anything about using the phone, going out, or anything else.

When you follow the rules, the employees will feel that they are getting respect and equality in the field. This will also motivate them to follow the rules. This will be fairly helpful for the success of your company and position.

5. Create and maintain standards.

For any company, the standard for their services and products is something that makes them popular in the market. IF they are positively known in that market, this means that your company is getting successful. In the other case, the company will not be successful because there is some problem regarding the quality.

And to make the quality better, the only way is to maintain standards. However, the standards are important to be maintained by the employees, but as a leader, you must create the standards and try to follow them by yourself. As you are maintaining the standard, the employees will automatically have to maintain standard in their part.

When the leader follows the standards, every employee also has to follow them, this makes a great streamline progress in the quality. This is why it is in our Top 10 Powerful Ways to Lead by Example.

6. Value your team members.

Although the team members and employees are working on a lower level as compared to you, they still can provide great benefits to the company. In most of the cases, the leaders are doing a lot to motivate their employees and team members. But one thing that they are missing is the communication gap. A communication gap can be removed by taking the following steps.

• Asking them different types of questions.

• Trying to understand their problems.

• Encouraging them personally and collectively.

Although this means that you are doing a little bit of verbal communication and interaction with your team members and employees, this will have a significant positive effect on them. The best part is that they will feel that they are being valued and this will motivate them to do even better. This is the main reason why it is a part of our Top 10 Powerful Ways to Lead by Example.

7. Planning before taking actions.

As you are the leader of the team, your actions will have a huge impact on the performance of every person working under you. So, to set an example, you must plan all your actions. When you plan the actions, your chances of being wrong will be decreased.

On your team members, this will put the effect of your being very efficient. This will encourage them to also plan things to avoid mistakes.

8. On-time is not an option, always be early.

The most important thing being a leader is to set an example. The reason why this is a part of our Top 10 Powerful Ways to Lead by Example is that this principle teaches us to set the example by our actions. In most of the offices, the boss or the leader is always late. This has some adverse effects out of which some are discussed below.

• The employees tend to come late too because their leader is not on time.

• Employees do not start working seriously before the leader arrives.

• A significantly important part of working time is wasted.

To deal with all these consequences. The best thing to do is to get to your job early. Even if you are on time, this will not be a great way of setting an example for the employees. When you are coming to your job before time, you will be able to plan and prepare a lot of things, and the employees coming after you will also take your example as a role model.

9. Attention to detail matters a lot.

A leader must decide the quality that his team members and employees will be providing. When you need to make the quality of anything better, it must be considered to pay attention to details for even the smallest details.

When you do this, you put a practical example for the employees that they have to follow to maintain the quality. Doing this can significantly improve the quality of your work.

10. Always keep a check on your past, present, and future activities.

Keeping check does not simply means to know about the things that you have done and the things that you have to do. But this means that you will know about all your actions, you will point out the mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

This is something that a leader must tell his employees and team members and the best way to do this is to do it by setting a practical example.


Although setting an example is not that easy, it is still very important for a leader to set an example for the team members and the employees. This is because they will learn from their leader and this will decide the future of the team. So, here we discussed our Top 10 Powerful Ways to Lead by Example that you can easily follow as a leader.

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