Top 10 Best Free Word Processing Software. Ultimate Guide

We write different type of documents each day. We all need good software to help us write and improve our writing’s efficiency. Knowing about best processing software can help you write better and fast.

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While sitting in your workplace or at your home, and you are attending your virtual meeting, what if your boss suddenly starts giving you some tips you must follow? Keeping up the pace is difficult if you write them in your notebook. It would be best to make a digital document of all the productivity tips that your boss gave.

It gets boring to keep staring at a blank screen and discussing important matters with your boss or anyone else. Well, it won’t be boring anymore because now word process software has been updated, giving you an interesting virtual meeting experience.

The tools introduced so far in the word processor software are beyond amazing. You can take notes, make a change, edit fonts, and get assistance while writing, and you know that is the best part of using word process software. They are highly economical, and you can enjoy word processing instead of getting frustrated.

Features you must look for while choosing a word processing software

Before discussing the free word process software, it would be best to start from the basics. You must know the factors or features that you will be looking for in word processor software. So here are the top 6 features that you must have in mind while choosing any word process software:

Easy to learn

Understanding a new word process software has to be easy, and you will be able to share it with your friend. You get all the most-used functions in it.

Cloud-based with offline usage mode

There is a possibility that you might lose your internet connectivity for a while, but you don’t lose your data. Plus, you get the feature of using your data offline.

Collaboration tools

You might have to collaborate with your team, so the word processor software must have this feature, as it would be a plus factor for you.

Sharing features

You will have the freedom to share your document with whomever you want. No one will be able to get into your data without your permission.

Make changes in history

If you make any mistake, you can go into that data and make all the changes you want so far.


The last feature would be multiple integrations to pull more data into your Word process software. Plus, you will have access to your data whether you use your system or not.


Top 10 best free word processing software you need to know about

Word processing software used to be boring and no fun at all. Well, they have become a long way, and you will find exciting features. You might get confused what which word-processing software will work according to your needs and requirements. Here is a list of the top 10 best free word-processing software:

Microsoft Word

Everyone knows about Microsoft Word, powerful word-processing software that you can use to create Word documents, emails, spreadsheets, and much more. Its features are endless as it is a part of Microsoft Suites. You can use all the features it has to offer.

Best Features

·   You can store your documents on OneDrive storage, and you can access them anytime from anywhere

·   You can share and edit your documents in real-time collaborations

·   Word and grammar checking

·   Mobile friendly app


·   The functions on the toolbar would be different from one version to another.

·   You can add images, but they may not transfer because they will break the document while printing.


If you are looking for the ultimate word-processing software, you must consider ClickUp because it has customizable features. You can have a built-in document editor to create your simple daily to-do lists and connect them with your workflow to get notifications of your next task for the day.

Best Features

·   It has an advanced processing system, and you can manage your work depending on your pricing plan, or you can use it free for a lifetime.

·   The live detection feature of ClickUp allows the teams to edit documents, comment and contribute to a better end product.

·   You will be able to turn on the highlight text feature into action items and then share them with your team members.


·   Understanding advanced ClickUp features might be difficult for someone in your team

·   Not all the tools are available on the mobile app yet

Google Docs

You can create and edit a document in Google Docs online. Groups of people can interact using this word-processing software because it allows real-time collaboration features, ensuring everyone on your team gets the latest information.

Best Features

·   You can mention relevant and important people in the document

·   Project management tools for collaboration with third party

·   You write faster with minimum errors with the smart compose feature

·   Allows you to reply to a comment on your document from your Gmail account


·   Document sizes are limited

·   Not an ideal tool for a knowledge-based system

WPS Office

You can use WPS Office comprehensive office suite features to manage all your documents. Using this word processing software on your PC and mobile, you can create documents, presentations, and files.

Best Features

·   You get access to 100,000 organized templates according to categories

·   Multiple language support

·   You can create a watermark on your document

·   Extract any chunk of the information from the content


·   Handling different work preferences and styles is limited

·   There is no free plan available


An AI-powered writing assistant that helps you write content without any grammatical mistakes. It will check spelling, punctuation, or any other writing error. You get feedback on your content in real time so you can make changes and improve whatever document you have been writing.

Best Features

·   Tone detector for consistent and effective communication

·   Text snippets to insert new paragraphs and sentences in your data

·   In-app editor so you can upload documents from your system


·   Not compatible to work for all websites and applications

·   The monthly business subscription is expensive

Dropbox Paper

If you want to use a simple word processing software to start your product, then Dropbox Paper, with drag-and-drop features, would be the best option. You can invite your team members to collaborate on the same project.

Best Features

·   You get to search for publicly viewable documents using a team member's email address

·   Use short keyboard keys to highlight important information

·   Create forms using custom templates


·   File size upload limitations

·   As a basic user, you use the account from three devices at a time


Coda is one of the power word processing software for creating, editing, and managing content. You can create a document from scratch, track changes, make changes to existing content, and collaborate with others in real-time. You can also share your documents with others securely.

Best Features

·   You can build blocks for upgrading documents into boards

·   Dashboards to watch uploaded data

·   Slack integrations and Google Calendar

·   Basic templates for drag-and-drop


It is not as scalable as word processing software others on the list.


It is a document-based workspace where you can create tasks, notes, documents, and databases. This tool has versatile features that will help you track any information from your project milestones and reminders.

Best features

·   It can be used on the web browser, iOS, Windows, and MacOS platforms

·   You get to have Kanban boards, lists, calendars, and gallery views

·   A real-time collaboration feature is available

·   You can create bidirectional linking


·   Premium plans are expensive compared to all other word-processing software on the list

·   Project and task management features are limited


You can make online notes by using Evernote in a more organized and productive way. It allows you to store text, videos, images, and audio recordings. You can even add reminders for your tasks. It allows you to read web pages offline.

Best Features

·   You can connect your notes and schedules to your calendar

·   Go paperless with a document scanner

·   Google Calendar integration

·   Add reminders for due dates


·   The number of saved templates on all plans is limited

·   You get to upload only 30 GB of data per month on shared Evernote Team accounts


This word-processing software has been designed to help you complete your everyday tasks and is an open-source office suite. No such premium version is available, and anyone can use it free of cost. It allows for word processing, spreadsheet editing, presentation building, drawing, formula editing, and more.

Best Features

·   You can insert mathematical and scientific formulas using the formula editor

·   For grammar checking Language Tool APIs is available

·   Custom templates


·   The interface is outdated compared to other free word-processing software

·   For a long-term document database, it is not scalable


We have discussed the top 10 best word-processing software you can use for free. If you want to use their premium version, you will have to buy it. Don’t worry. The premium version won’t cost you a fortune. All the word processing software we have mentioned is economical and affordable for everyone, even if you want to buy its premium version. Otherwise, keep using the free one for lifetime.

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