How to use Bard for Coding? Top 10 ways to use Bard as a developer

Google Bard assists several professionals with its AI capabilities, and developers are one of them. Learning to use Bard for coding can make you up to 10 times more productive.

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Artificial intelligence has evolved a lot in the past few years, and today, it can chat with us like a human being. What makes it so special is that these human-like responses can be based on information from all over the internet, and that makes research extremely easy thanks to machine learning and natural language processing. One of the chatbots that pack serious capabilities is Bard, and developers can use it if they know how to use it for coding.

Here we will discuss different ways you can use it as a developer, the step-by-step guide, and its benefits.

What makes Bard a good choice for developers?

There are several benefits of using Bard for coding. However, the capacity to draw information makes it better than other AI chatbots. Most chatbots use limited data sources, while Bard can continually draw information from the internet. It means that it will always provide you with the latest information in comparison. The results generated are much better since it has more data for compiling answers to your prompts.

How to use Bard for coding? Top 10 ways every developer must know

Don’t know how to use Bard for coding? Here are the top 10 ways it can assist in routine development and coding tasks.

1. Use Bard to generate pieces of code for your projects.

The most basic way of using Bard is by getting it to write code for you. You can ask it to generate code for any logic, and it will provide you with working code. Depending on your prompt, you can choose the type of code, programming language, and other features of the code. It means that you will only implement the code manually, and Bard will automatically write it. It can be extremely helpful in meeting your Project management deadlines and timelines specified in the Gantt charts.

2. Explore new frameworks, APIs, and their implementation with Bard

You get to explore the new frameworks and APIs, and Bard teaches you a lot about their technicalities. From their implementation to parameters, functions, and examples, you can learn everything from Bard using the right prompt, making the research part very efficient.

3. Bard can help you learn concepts with a better understanding.

Coding includes some complex concepts crucial for achieving better application and software performance. The most common example here is the data structure algorithms. Those are complex to learn, and if your concepts are not clear, implementing those can be difficult. With Bard, you can learn those algorithms with descriptions, examples, and implementation all in one place.

4. Leave the documentation work up to Bard.

Documentation is an important part of software development, and it helps a lot when you need to work on the same project in the future. In fact, new developers on the project can also learn its technicalities with the help of documentation.

While you develop the project, Bard can handle the documentation requirements. However, it is important to proofread everything before finalizing to ensure the technicalities are described correctly.

5. Code by yourself and resolve the errors using Bard

Finding and resolving errors in a code is more time-consuming than writing the code itself. So, while writing the code, you can use Bard to find errors. Bard is exceptional for finding:

·   Syntax errors

·   Logical errors

·   Bugs

It finds the problem and proposes the best solution, which can make the frustrating process of resolving errors a breeze for you.

6. Find out the best coding practices using Bard.

Multiple things in the world of coding can be done in multiple ways. For example, you can write multiple codes for the same goal and use different languages for the same project. With Bard, deciding the best coding practices and programming language will become easy. Since these technicalities set the right base for your project, it will be extremely beneficial in the long term.

7. Let Bard review the code you wrote and make it more efficient.

Sometimes you need to improve the performance of an application by improving the code. Even when the code is logically perfect, you must improve it. Bard is a great tool for finding efficient alternatives to your code. It can suggest your different algorithms, and you can even make it code its suggestions. So, you only need to paste them into the source code files, and your job will be done.

8. Convert your old pieces of code into new language codes.

Moving older projects to new technology isn’t easy. It contains a lot of technical difficulties, but Bard can make things significantly easier. At least, it can help you translate old code into a new language while maintaining the same logic. It means that you only need to implement that translated code correctly, and your switch from the old technology to the new one will be complete.

9. Use Bard for code testing.

Bard is smart enough to generate test cases according to your code. You can design test cases with Bard and use them to test your code's working, performance, and efficiency. It will help ensure that your code works perfectly as expected.

10.  Let Bard handle your project management work.

Small teams and individual software developers don’t have special people for project management. So, they have to manage things like Gantt charts themselves. Bard makes that very easy since you can use it for deciding resource requirements, setting strategic deadlines, and project milestones. Hence, it can generate data for multiple Gantt charts for different teams within minutes. That makes project management very easy, no matter how many projects you work on.

The Step-by-step guide on how to use Bard for coding.

The process of using Bard to code is not difficult, but there are certain mistakes that you must refrain from. Here is the guide for using Bard that you can follow to ensure that you use it most effectively:

1. Start by designing the logic in your brain. Otherwise, know the logic for which you want a code. For example, you can ask Bard to "write a code that takes data input from a web page and inserts it into the database."

2. Write your prompt. You need to be very specific with your requirements in this step. For instance, you must mention the programming language, coding practice, and any other requirements that you need.

3. Run your prompt and let Bard write its answer for you. Read the code carefully and check the description for a better understanding. Bard may teach you where to paste that piece of code.

4. Paste that code in the source files of your project, and you will be done.

If you follow these simple steps, you will be very efficient in using Bard for your coding and development requirements.

Top 4 reasons why developers should use Bard instead of manually working

Using any AI chatbot for coding will help you a lot. However, if you know how to use Bard for coding, things will become even better for you, and here is how: 

1. High speed, better efficiency, and increased productivity

You can code faster with Bard since you will be pasting code for the most part. It will improve efficiency and productivity since you will get the best solutions within seconds.

2. Easy access and affordable solution

Bard is not like other Ai chatbots. It is easily accessible to everyone and available for free. So, you don’t need to pay any subscription fee to use and access it on any device.

3. Improve the horizon of your coding creativity with Bard’s flexibility

Bard can generate 3 different responses to 1 prompt, which means if you don’t understand the first one, you can look at 2 more before writing a new prompt. That improves your horizon of learning and coding, thanks to flexible responses.

4. Technical help like never before

Bard provides information and code with all the details in one place with a single prompt. You get technical help like never before, saving much of your research time.


Knowing how to use Bard for coding is extremely helpful for a developer. It is because Bard can efficiently do the tasks that you would spend hours researching and coding within a few minutes. The best part is that it explains everything, so you know what you get from it. Hence, you will not blindly copy and implement code from Bard in your project without knowing its purpose. As a result, your speed, productivity, and learning will increase together.

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