ChatGPT Guide for Product Managers: Improve Performance with AI.

Lately, there has been a lot of fuss about ChatGPT. For starters, it is an AI chatbot trained on millions of datasets. As it started to gain popularity, many thought that AI would take over their jobs. ChatGPT is so powerful that you can ask it anything, and it will give you accurate results.

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However, in reality, AI is just here to assist you in your job, and it will make you exponentially efficient if you put it to the right use. As a product manager, you can benefit from it a lot, and this ChatGPT guide for product managers includes everything you need to know.

What are the roles of product managers when they can get assistance from ChatGPT?

There are multiple jobs where you can use ChatGPT for certain duties, including being a product manager. A product manager has the following roles at their job:

·   Conducting market research and tracking trends

·   Generating ideas for new products

·   Competitor analysis

·   Designing marketing strategies

·   Writing product description

·   Developing a product testing strategy

·   Writing user manuals and guides

·   Reaching out to customers

·   Working on the pricing of your product

·   Creating product presentations

While the role and duties of a product manager are way beyond those mentioned above, these were the most effective things a product manager could leverage from ChatGPT.

Why using ChatGPT is a great idea as a product manager.

When you use ChatGPT for something you have to write, you get your work done by someone else. However, it can benefit your role and the product when done correctly. Here are the top 5 benefits you can enjoy by using ChatGPT for your job:

·   It can make market research significantly easy and effective for you by providing the right answers according to the latest information

·   ChatGPT can generate text in the right tone for you according to the use case for that text portion.

·   You can generate personalized text for direct utilization, or you can get generic ones for getting ideas and implementing them yourself.

·   ChatGPT reduces time wastage on the job and quickly gives you the best ideas on how to get the job done.

·   It gives a human tone to the text, and it is free, so anyone can use it.

With all these benefits, learning every aspect of our ChatGPT guide for product managers becomes even more important.

Different ways to use ChatGPT during your product manager role.

Here are the different ways a product manager can use ChatGPT to his advantage.

1. Conducting market research and tracking trends

The product manager has to plan the launch of their products and the industry trends can play a huge role in that. With the use of ChatGPT, things can be extremely easy. You can ask ChatGPT simple questions like:

·   "Leading market trends in the smartphone industry" if you are a product manager for a smartphone company.

·   "What are the most important qualities customers look for in a smartphone?"

Instead of finding the trends yourself and searching the whole market, you will instantly know the market trends.

2. Generating ideas for new products

Say you are a product manager for a brand that launches bags and pouches. You may find it difficult to generate new ideas according to the market, but you can ask ChatGPT:

·   List the latest product ideas for a bag and pouch manufacturing company.

It will tell you what customers have been lately searching for over the internet. For instance, you may ask for the latest pouch design ideas and it tells you things like tech pouches or makeup pouches integrated into college and travel bags.

3. Competitor analysis

A business can learn a lot from its competitors. From their marketing techniques to customer acquisition practices, knowing these can help a business excel. Say that you will launch a new product: wireless earphones. ChatGPT can help you from the very beginning of the design process by asking:

·   List the top 3 companies that make wireless earbuds and their main features.

The answer to this question will be descriptive enough that you will know what features you want in your product.

4. Designing marketing strategies

A marketing strategy is only effective when it is developed and implemented before it becomes a thing of the past. Developing your marketing strategy will involve researching the market and competitors and devising your options. However, you can simply ask ChatGPT:

·   List the top 5 marketing strategies for the successful launch of a shoe brand.

·   How can a new shoe brand instantly create a strong brand identity?

It may list solutions like influencer marketing, SEO, etc. This way, you will have your marketing strategy ready for implementation in no time.

5. Writing product description

A product description, in most cases, is the initial pitch of the product to the customers. So, it must be concise and attractive for the reader. Writing engaging product descriptions is often the job of a product manager, but a person cannot always write amazing descriptions for their product. That's where ChatGPT can be very handy before you launch your product.

Say that you are launching a recliner sofa, you can ask ChatGPT to write a product description with names of all the features, and it will create the exact content you are looking for.

6. Developing a product testing strategy

Every product needs different types of testing, and anyone new to the product may not know how to test it. That's why product managers often head to different websites to check what testing methods they are using. If you are launching a gaming controller as a product manager, ask ChatGPT to develop the testing strategy, and it may come up with something like this:

1. Test the latency and accuracy in games.

2. Test battery timing

3. Check comfort in hand.

4. Test durability

5. Test the charging duration, etc.

AI will gather testing strategies from multiple sources, and you will get a whole strategy to test your product.

7. Writing user manuals and guides

Ask ChatGPT:

·   Create a guide for assembling ready to assemble the table.

·   List down the steps to assemble a new table.

·   What tools do you need to assemble a new table?

It will search millions of sources and give you the answers. As a product manager, all you need to do now is edit those steps and tool guides according to your product, and you will have created the user manual within no time.

8. Reaching out to customers

A product manager may need to reach out to customers in multiple ways. For example, they may ask for feedback and needs, email interested customers, etc. It takes a lot of personalization and writing for a product manager, but ChatGPT makes the whole thing pretty simple. For example, you can ask ChatGPT to:

·   Create an email body to reach out to customers who showed interest in our product

·   Write a text from the product manager at the organization asking users for their feedback.

With all other aspects of the ChatGPT guide for product managers, reaching out to customers will make you work like a pro.

9. Working on the pricing of your product

A business has to list a profitable price whenever launching a product, but it also must be competitive enough in the market. A very important aspect of the ChatGPT guide for product managers is asking it to give you a pricing range.

Upon asking for the price of wireless earbuds products with wireless charging, ANC, multiple device support, the latest Bluetooth version, and all such features, ChatGPT will give you a range to launch your product in the market competitively.

10.  Creating product presentations

Lastly, you can use ChatGPT to create whole presentations or get ideas for presentations. Just tell it that you will give a presentation about a certain product for a certain topic. It will generate the whole content for slides, including topics and content, and it may even give you ideas about graphics to include.

Everything you must refrain from when using ChatGPT as a product manager.

While ChatGPT assists you in your product manager role in so many ways, there are still a few things that you must refrain from. The most important ones include the following:

·   Never use text generated by ChatGPT directly. Always review it and edit where required.

·   Never use the text if it does not sound professional enough. You can always regenerate text with better instructions.

·   Don’t upload the text without proofreading.

·   Never upload any text without checking for plagiarism if it can affect your SEO.

By refraining from these things, your utilization of ChatGPT for the product manager job will be much more efficient.


If you think AI will take over your job, then there is no need to worry since AI is not something magical that will replace your job. However, the real danger is the gap it creates between individuals who know how to benefit from AI and those who don’t. For instance, a product manager that uses ChatGPT for his benefit will be exponentially more productive than others in the same role.

So, with the advancement in AI, there are chances that someone who knows to use it better may take over your job. With everything discussed in our ChatGPT guide for product managers, you can keep your position secure and excel with the right practices.

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