Your Top MeisterTask Alternative and What Makes Instagantt Work for You

 Choosing the best program for your business and your customers is important when it comes to every step of the process. That’s where you may start to feel overwhelmed. After all, there are a whole bunch of different programs out there and it can get pretty tiring trying to figure out which one to use.

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That's why we’ve done some research for you. If you’ve come across MeisterTask in your search for the perfect project management software, you need to read this.

Why Choose Instagantt over MeisterTask

MeisterTask is an excellent time-tracking service that provides you with options for automation and a moderate price point. It is good for communicating with other people and offers a Kanban style of keeping track of all of your tasks and everything that you’re working on. The system offers some great graphics, a simple interface and easy organization, but there are a few things that you might want to take a closer look at as well. As least, before you decide that this is going to be the best option for your business.

Overall MeisterTask Features:

- Time-tracking capabilities

- Automation for tasks

- Moderate price point

- Four pricing tiers

- Bright colors and design

- Simple interface

- Kanban style system

- Online collaboration

Overview of Instagantt Features:

- Timelines

- Dependencies & Milestones

- Tasks & Subtasks

- Drag & Drop

- Baselines

- Critical Path

- Multiple Projects & Workspaces

- Diverse Exporting Options: Excel, Image & PDF

- Public Snapshot Sharing Options

- Team Collaboration Options: Notification & Task Assignment

- Custom View & Fields

- Custom Color Options for Progress Bars

- Risk & Priority

- Estimated & Actual Cost

- Gantt & Workload View

- Ready-to-Use Templates

The Good About MeisterTask

There are several good features when it comes to MeisterTask and the main one is that it gives you time-tracking features. This makes it easier for your entire team to keep track of how much time they’re spending on different tasks and it allows them to easily bill those hours directly to the proper client. This will make it easier for you and everyone on the team to know what takes the longest and what parts of a task you can get done quickly. All of this information makes it easier to bill and also easier to plan for similar projects in the future.

Another benefit is that you’ll have a system that lets you set up projects, tasks and more in a Kanban design. You create your vertical columns (however many you want) and then you can name them and set them up with all of the different tasks that you want. Each task also gives you plenty of options for how to organize, color code and more. All of these aspects make it easier for you to keep track of the different tasks you’re working on and just where they are in your project cycle.

You’ll also love that this system offers a homepage with all of your projects listed alongside the most important information that you need to know. This will allow you to get a brief overview of your workload and everything that your team is working on without going into the details of the project. This is going to make it a whole lot easier for you to track your tasks and make sure everyone is doing their part. You can also drag and drop different projects to put them in an order that works for you and your team.

There are plenty of different reports available with the software as well. These reports allow you to keep track of statistics for tasks completed, new tasks created and even trends. You can see them easily and you can look at all of the data in different charts and graphs so they’re easy to read and follow along with. These can be great if you’re looking for a way to track the progress that your team is making and you want to make sure that you are moving in the right direction. It’s also going to show you individuals who are completing tasks, calendars and due dates and a whole lot more while you’re at it.

The Not-So-Good About MeisterTask

One of the downsides with this system is that it’s not really intended as a project management software. It does allow you to keep track of tasks and other items that you need in order to stay on top of your tasks, but it’s not really good for some of the more advanced features of project management or the more intricate details that you might need to manage for your team. This can be a bit of a downside when you’re looking to keep your projects top-of-mind.

You’ll find that this system doesn’t have some of the benefits that come along with many other types of Kanban software either. For example, it doesn’t offer resource workload reports or other advanced reporting. You also won’t have anything to limit task load for your team or swimlanes. These aren’t available with all systems but they are relatively common on Kanban boards and you won’t find them with MeisterTask. This can be a little bit of a downside for some users familiar with this type of software.

There are also a number of features that MeisterTask does have but hides or makes more difficult to find. This makes it more difficult for many users to get what they need out of the system and to make sure that they are maximizing all of the features. Many of the features that you may want to use are actually disabled by default, so you don’t end up even realizing that they’re available. This is definitely a downside and can take away from the great options that it does have to offer by making things even more difficult.

Even though the system isn’t that complicated to use it definitely can look like it is. In fact, it can look quite overwhelming and cluttered for a lot of users and that makes it more difficult for you to use as well. It can definitely turn off a lot of users and might make you think that you’re using something far more difficult than it needs to be. This cluttered look also makes it harder to find what you want and to keep track of the things that are most important about the tasks that you are working on.

MeisterTask Alternatives

So, now that we’ve talked about the good and the not-so-good with MeisterTask it’s time to take a look at what else there is available for you. Well, one of the best things that you’ll find is called Instagantt and it has plenty of great features that you’re going to want. It lets you keep track of your team and all of the things that you’re doing as well as helping everyone to collaborate at all times. Not only that but you can do this in a user friendly way that your entire team is going to appreciate.

One of the top features you’ll find with Instagantt is the fact that it’s a Gantt chart system and you’ll be able to track all of your projects for the entire team. You’ll be able to create accounts for each of your team members and then they’ll be able to access all of the features of the program. This is important because it means that all of your team members can check in on their tasks personally and then update the information that is related to them and the things they are responsible for.

The system is also highly customizable, which is great because your business and your team isn’t exactly like everyone else’s. Rather, you have unique needs and specific things that you need to achieve for your team. That’s where you need the customization features or even the ability to copy different tasks and projects to create templates. This is great if you have recurring tasks or projects that need to be done frequently for your team or for specific clients. That way you don’t have to continue to create the same things over and over again.

When you pay for this service you don’t have to worry about paying for anyone other than the ones that are actually using the system. With many other Gantt software charts or Kanban programs you pay for the service based on groups of 10 or even 50 people using the software. With Instagantt you pay for exactly the number of people who need to have access. And that’s only $5 per month, per user for a multi-user plan. If you’re going to be using it alone you pay only $7 per month for yourself to have access. And everything that Instagantt has to offer comes in that one plan.

If you’re looking for advanced features for your Gantt charts or the platform as a whole you can get those too, by integrating all of your favorite apps and programs. In fact, Instagantt is compatible with dozens of different apps and programs that will let you customize the system even further and even allow you to update some of your information. This makes it easier for you to use and also makes it even more convenient because you can put something in once and have it immediately replicate onto your charts.

You can create dependencies and tie different tasks together however you like to make sure everyone on your team knows what needs to be done first. Not to mention you can add in start and end dates and even attach documents and more directly to specific tasks. If you’re looking for commentary that’s also possible directly in different tasks. This makes it easier for everyone to find out what they should be doing and then make sure that they are doing it the right way. After all, that’s the most important part of working as part of a team, right?

When you collaborate with your team you’re going to have the ability to check what everyone is doing without even having to leave your office. You can simply log on and see what kind of progress everyone is making and what they’re working on. You can see how the tasks and projects are going as a whole and even catch up with some of your team members to see what they’re still working on or what needs to be done in order to improve the overall features of the system.

Choosing the Best

When it comes down to it, you want to make sure that you choose the best software program. You need something that’s going to let you keep track of tasks and also make sure that your entire team is on the right track when it comes to taking care of your customers. That’s why you want to take a close look at both of these platforms and see which one is going to give you everything that you need and then some. So, which one is it going to be?

MeisterTask has some great features and options, including time-tracking and reports, but you’re going to find a lot of great features available with Instagantt as well. In fact, you might even be surprised at all of the features that are available with Instagantt and all of the ways that you can use this platform to help keep your team on track and ready to go, no matter how many tasks or projects you need to get done. Just take a little time to check it out for yourself.  

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